- Hammocking in Fjærland -
A relaxing way to spend a sunny day.

Hammocking is basically the art of short hikes into the woods with the aim of finding a nice place to use a hammock to it´s fullest potential.
You might carry a bit more than on a usual short hike (the hammock) but you rest way more hardcore.
Part of the fun is the hunt for the perfect place; finding the two trees with the right distance between, preferably with a view, low mother-nature-signals to noise - ratio, no small trees, stones or bushes disturbing rocking possibilities and where the terrain is not too steep, for safety if you unexpectedly exit the hammock and also so you get a "coffee table" from mother nature once the contraption is up. I leave these details to you, but I´ll sketch a few areas I´ve had luck, the pictures are approximately from where the red X´s on the map is, and near a path.
Skrednipa, 3 places

Mundalsdalen, 3 places

Nesahaugen, 2 places

Blåbærstølen, 1 place

Bring food, drink, something to read from the booktown or someone to play with, dry inner clothing and maybe a warm sweater, socks and jacket in case Norwegian summer temperatures are too low to keep you warm while not being actively in motion.

Happy hammocking!