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In 2002-2003 I translated a book analyzing the emotion and function called shame.
John Bradshaw´s "Healing the shame that binds you".
This gave me a totally new view on life and existence and started healing changes still continuing today.
I saw that many peoples lives and identities and actually whole cultures are sub-conciously based on inflicting shame and damage on ourselves and others and that things get much brighter just by understanding how and why this has been going on for at least centuries.
So I felt an urgency to share this knowledge.
But since I´m writing in ca. english now I won´t bother you with my Norwegian version, just point you to where the book can be bought.


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Why buy?
Emotions drive us humans.
They direct us through our lives, and there IS a system to it -
but the system is continually being disturbed by internalized shame inflicted upon us by as disturbed authorities and accepted by us in order to stay alive!..
Forcefully we´ve been taught that humans are much less than all we can be and actually are.
We repeat this to ourselves through life and mistakingly teach it to others, typically our children.
With a compass allways being disturbed and a broken image of what we are - no wonder we, knowingly or not, inflict damage upon ourselves and others.
And also; we become addicted because of the pain from the shame - a short relief, but then leading to more shame.
This repeats itself for generations.
Bradshaws book seeks to fix this.


This book can be pretty spicy, emotionally.
We are all humans, we all make mistakz, huge and tiny.
Set aside time and room for forgiveness and grief.

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