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Are things the way weīre told?
Is air and water getting cleaner?
Is knowledge and technology being used to make us less scared?
Is healthcare and education getting better, cheaper and more available?
Are there bigger and cleaner sources of energy available?

This page is a list of .torrentfiles pointing to documentaries.
Each one may be a piece in a puzzle indicationg how things became the way they are, locally and globally.
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List of .torrent-files..

  • Entertainment.
  • Economy - politics.
  • Food - medicine - health.
  • Mathematics - science - technology.
  • Buddhism - life & death - meditation.
  • History.
  • Computer-, internet- and hackerhistory.

  • ..and the rest.

    But first, a movie summarizing 60-70% of what the documentaries here give more details of.
    Streamed from YouTube;

    ..or, if you want a local copy you have full controll over;

    ** Entertainment. **

    Love parade in Berlin 2006
    Much more here, if still available

    Remember music using electricity, but not computers?
    The Edge (U2) og Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) sharing stories and guitartechniques with Jack White. (The White Stripes)

    Spicyer than The Daily Show.
    "If I come across as patrionizing, maybe itīs because Iīm more patriotic than you.."

    South Park S14E1-7 HDTV.
    ..more satire.

    Frank Zappa rents videoeditingbus..

    "Power is measured in decibel!"
    Rather than than dollar. Outdoorparty from Beekse Bergen, Holland, 2009

    Angelina Jolie is being interviewed.

    Robin Williams is being interviewed.

    George Carlin is being interviewed.

    Wise advices from Francis Ford Coppola.

    Did George W. Bush fool himself?

    Where is actually Osama Bin Laden?
    Did anyone see him?
    Does/did he exist?

    NorthAmerican firsttime father wants to protect his child agains terror and asks for directions to where he can find Osama Bin Laden..

    While weīre waiting for something good..

    Matrix - closer to reality than we think.
    All 3 films in ca 1.2 gigabyte.
    All 3 films in 720p-resolution. 10.3 GB. (genuine Chinese pirateware.. ;-) )

    ** Economy - politics **

    How to exploit weaknesses in a democracy so the leaders can make wars and do whatever while the media distracts the people..

    Will revolutions ever be televised?
    ..or is tv used to prevent revolutions?

    Will more money solve economic and enviromental problems?
    Does the economy make anything but lack of whatever?

    A "economic hitman", John Perkins, explain how CIA hired him to lure countries in to ever growing debt,
    forcing them to sell their natural resources and cut investments in healthcare and education.
    The US itselt is starting to suffer from this too..
    Lecture for warveterans, Seattle, Washington 11. august 2006
    Film about the book he wrote

    Has USA become what it was ment to?
    The_End_Of_America_[AVI_-_Naomi_Wolf_-_Steps_To_Facism].4797847.TPB (1).torrent

    Has democracy ever really had a chance?

    Did someone crash the economy earlier too?

    Are gangmembers human?
    The story of two gangs in LosAngeles; The Bloods and The Cribs.
    Crips.And.Bloods.Made.In.America.2008.DVDRip.Xvid_FHW [mininova] copy.torrent

    We need a bigger and cleaner source of energy.
    Oil and gas are polluting and getting oldfashion and boring.
    Well, thereīs at least 3 available without any legal trouble;
    4 when cannabis gets legal again.

    ** Food - medicine - health **

    Does food matter?

    Are we paying to poison ourselves?

    Can you make your own medicine?

    Is corn king?
    ..for the first time in human history it looks like the younger generation (in the US, maybe Europe too) might have shorter lives than their parents.
    Not due to terror and violence, no, itīs due to..
    .. the most available food..

    Are mushrooms useful?

    Vaccines all the time?
    Isnīt a strengthening a healthy immunesystem a better idea?
    ..through less stress for example..

    ..letīs make peace with bacterias.
    Letīs try to understand them.
    "The experts say this is the beginning of the golden age of microbiology.
    Industry, medicine, the definition of life itself are all being changed by singlecell creatures you and I cant even see..."


    About stem-cell - treatment in Thailand and China.
    ..and in the west weīre worried our gods will punish us if we use it.

    Was narcotics once medicines?
    Why was CocaCola called CocaCola?

    Can indians and other ancients teach modern psychiatry a thing or two?
    Warning; the halftruths and legal situation surrounding these substances cause much harm.
    This harm colud easily happen to you if you take what you were told was one of them in modern surroundings!
    Remember this beforehand; doctors will not sympathise or help you, neither will lawyers.
    Since you have broken their set of rules and laws they will simply blame your problems on that, and nothing more.
    What you have seen or understood about the limits of their reality due to taking the drug will to them simply be further evidence of your incurable sickness..
    Do see these films and more, do gather knowledge and information and do converse with those that want to share their experiences.
    And do plan ahead years in advance before ingesting any of these substances!
    NOT kidding. I myself spent 2 years contemplating if I should ingest cannabis, and even then had a traumatic start with it due to living in a western society my whole life.

    Why are we declaring war on plants?
    Maybe because some of them can give us "A thousand years of experience - in fifteen minutes"
    They show us a way out of our human made and human imposed prisons
    "We have severed the connection with spirit"
    See it streamed here;
    (if not cencored, again)

    What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?
    Can our well trained and lawabiding brains handle the idea?

    See it streamed here;
    (if not cencored, again)

    Holistic Biochemistry of Cannabinoids!
    Professor in molecular biology at the university of Colorado, Dr. Robert Melamede explains the endocannabinoid system in the body and how cannabinoids, the group of molecules only made by the cannabisplant is central in regulating and balancing growth in all living things. do we have a future if we keep criminalizing it?
    Lecture at YouTube, in 5 parts, 10 minutes each
    ..concerning criminalization;
    Something is fundamentally wrong - time for a change!
    Politicians & Cannabinoids - ForwardLookingPeople/BackwardLookingPeople - endocannabinoidsystem and evolution.
    Cannabinoid-Deficient people tend to accumulate in government..

    Google-video (3min29sec) explaining the endocannabinoid system in the human body. (a bit technical)
    Exploring the Endocannabinoid System

    Clearing the smoke: The science of Cannabis
    Could Cannabis be used as medicine?
    Itīs been used as a medicine for thousands of years,
    howcome we think it suddenly lost itīs medical qualities the last 50-100 years?

    US propagandafilm made during WWII - Hemp helped us win the war.
    Will it help us through other stressful times to?

    Is cannabis evil?

    Can smoking cannabis kill you?
    A standupcomedian i LosAngeles tries it out - SuperSizeMe-style

    Very normal British woman tries cannabis for the first time. (and last?)

    Collection of documentaries concerning cannabis and hemp.

    God is perfect - man is not. Man made beer, but who made pot?..

    Who is pushing the opiates?
    Opium, morphine, heroine

    Whatīs the story behind cocain and amphetamine?

    Mr. Marc Emery wants a greener world;

    Whatīs more dangerous, alcohol or ecstasy/mdma?
    BBC Horizon compares and makes a scientific list of the 20 most dangerous drugs, legal or not, in use in 2008.

    History explaining how ecstasy/mdma was discovered, spread, supposed to be used, then suddenly made illegal.
    Peter Jennings from ABC News tells the story.

    About medicine that has been criminalized even though they were used for 1000 of years before.

    History of modern psychiatry?
    ..well, what to do when the working medicines are criminalized?

    Free and efficient fullbody exersise that will not harm you hardly without moving!

    Free and efficient relationshipstrengthening activity hardly without moving!

    Can birth be made cheaper?
    Does that pay off in the long run?

    ** Mathematics - science - technology **

    Everything exists - reality is an illusion..
    (that each and every one of us (sub)conciously choose the best we can?)
    Samesame buddhist say; all life creates itīs own universe, limited only by itīs level of conciousness

    ..findings in physics coming from mathematical thoughts on infinity;

    History of mathematics? At least one version.

    Mathematicians including Cantor, Turing, Godel and Chaitin has made proofs showing there will allways exist more mathematical truths that cannot be proven than truths that can be proven.
    And that you can never know if a mathematical truth you might have discovered is provable or not, not even by using a computer!..
    This causes heated discussion - is there really more randomness than order in reality?
    Iīd say this is permanently good news; it proves mathematics, logic and our brains are the limitation to finding a solution to a problem or situation, not what exist or can exist in reality!
    So; thereīs allways reason to hope!
    BBC-series in 2 parts

    A personal view on the history of science and philosophy in the west.
    A series in 13 parts from 1973, by Jacob Bronowski, British-Polish-Jewish mathematician.


    Russian airplane-inventions:
    Communism didnīt allow creativity and imagination.
    Luckily, because then they didnīt get air-superiority in 1945.

    ** Buddhism - life & death - meditation **

    Is a Vietnamese monk able to forgive western warfare on Vietnam?
    Spoiler; "I do not personally know of any one more worthy of the Nobel peace price than this gentle Vietnamese monk." (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

    Did anything happen before you were born?
    Will anything happen after you die?
    The Tibetans have been doing research on this.
    (narrated by Leonard Cohen)
    "Healing starts with knowing what you have been through and why it happened"

    Same book, now from Historychannel;
    ...and here it is; .pdf - format. (not a light read..)
    The Tibetan Book of the Dead

    Tibetan history and buddhism:

    The last life of the first buddhist?

    Do (some of) The Dalai Lamas advisors know something?

    "When you are searching for your guru you are actually searching for not needing a guru."
    Portrait of Dzongsar Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche, made by spiritually searching western journalists.
    Filmed in London, New York, at a worldcup soccermatch in Germany and in Bhutan, where he lives.

    Eckhart Tolle.
    Helps us having less stress, more focus and be more in the now.
    ..and not in the past or future.
    ..with Oprah Winfrey;

    A collection of videos and soundfiles concerning science and meditation.
    HH Dalai Lama #14 og Tibetan monks cooperate with western brainscientist to investigate neuroplasticity.
    (how the brain can alter itself through thoughts)
    "Sometimes during my 18 years of captivity in Chinese gulag I almost loose compassion for Chinese"... (said by Tibetansk monk)

    ** History **

    Do you remember the man with the plastic bags stopping a row of tanks in China, 1989?
    Today young Chinese with education know nothing about the massacre at Tianamen square in 1989.
    ..just like western doctors know nothing about cannabis and our industy nothing about hemp

    4 episodes about how Chinese and western capitalism compete and cooperate.

    Did the Greeks invent all mathematics and medicine alone?
    Did Arabs and Muslims influence europe up through the centuries?

    Do Muslims try to spread doubts about science too? Like som Christians do, with their creationism?
    spoiler; no, they donīt!..

    "This country is so beautiful."
    (about Vietnam, quote from a letter written by a US soldier)
    Most people want a growing familylife, not war.
    These letters home from US soldiers in Vietnam illustrate how they feel having been sent across the world to fight a war in a place they hardly knew existed.

    ..and before Vietnam there was the Korean war.
    7 western news-reel-films in black and white. 30-45minutes each.
    During the Korean war they made newsreel-films.
    But during the Vietnamwar TV was more common, backfiring on those in power, who ordered the war. People didnīt want what they saw.
    Thatīs why they hardly documented the warfare in Cambodia at all
    Even though they dropped more bombs there than over Germany during WWII

    Todays Russian mafia is the result of Stalin jailing much of the old mafia,
    promising them freedom if they fight the nazis, then still putting them in jail again when they come back.

    The Russian revolution;
    From hunger and chaos change comes..
    ...change that can be led in the right or wrong direction..

    What was the Viking Spirit? Does it exist in the North today?

    Hours of history on how the NorthWestern white man behaved before Christianity.

    Did everything we know about change completely in earlier days too?

    Did the Chinese invent most things before the rest of us?

    India - even older than China..

    The Einstein and Copernicus of liguistics, Professor Noam Chomsky, also an hounest and thorough historian, teaches history..

    ** Computer-, internet- and hackerhistory **

    Are hackers human?

    Nerds evolve the world I
    What was before the internet?

    Nerds evolve the world II
    Activity in the garage change the world

    Nerds evolve the world III
    A couple of hours of internethistory? (folder containing 4 .torrentfiles)

    The start of "Peace, freedom and everything for free"?

    Can I copy this?

    ** The rest... **

    Do animals fall in love?

    A film showing the short and tough life of a spermcell.
    And why womans orgasm is as important to make a healthy child as the mans!
    ..but is that part of any religion yet?

    How was China able to gain economic control in the world in a matter of 30 years?
    ..could a 2500 year old almost philosophical text in verse explain?

    Weīre all a mixture of male and female.
    Some are 99% one thing and 1% the other, some are 50-50.
    Maybe this could change through life?
    So why not accept all variations instead of only two?

    Do the climate change?

    Nature and culture in Asia. (Thailand)

    A little on temples and a lot of jungle in Thailand.

    A lot on temples and some about society in Thailand.

    Holiday to learn Thaiboxing?

    The bees are going away!.. Good riddance?

    Will something happen in the future?

    How about a calendarsystem geared around the growth of conciousness and not just the collection of taxes?..
    The Mayans had both, and hereīs the other.
    Itīs 16.4 billion years long, but explained in hours.


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