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Toward a future..


Things I believe we need to do so humankind have a future on this planet..


Can everyone have access to clean water wherever they are?


Is practically free, nonpolluting energy for everyone on earth possible? How?...


Is there such a thing as buildingmaterials we can eat?
Can we provide food, clothes and shelter to people all over the world in a healthy and sustainable way forever? Fast?..

(..sorry for the tempo in this one - had to meet the YouTube 15 minute limit - please use the pause-button to read slides if itīs too fast)


How can everyone contribute to make new and easier laws, locally and globally?
3 parts due to 15min. limit and because thereīs 40 years of computerhistory to cover to explain why we CAN.





These 4 steps can lead us toward..

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More info in the Venus Project
Thank you Jacque Fresco!


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