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Things that dont fit elsewhere in this small world


Free, healthy and functioning habit, stress and addictionbreakers, no equipment requiered:

*Change hands when doing something you routinely do. Learn to use both. Your brain will think new things all by itself!
*Find a boring spot and stare at it for 5 minutes, blinking allowed.Your brain will become focused and calmed, stress will decrease and you´re more likely to find solution to the stressing problems. Also nice intro to meditation. Maybe you be next Dalai Lama tomorrow?
*Fullbody excersise for us smart and lazy people; Practice standing on your hands. Gives you new perspectives and strength and balancetraining. (check health-insurance, no neckbreaking please.

Who raised you, really?

Your parents? (who or what raised them?)
Your friends?
Advertisements, movies and televisionseries?
External moral?
or inner ethics?
...and why?

Impressive things humans can do:

Stuntman(.mkv - file, 6.7MB)
Pool trickshots (.mkv - file, 4.2MB)