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On death - approximately
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One does not cease to exist when dying.
One is "just" disconnected from the body, its senses and nervoussystem.
(most likely due to a dose of DMT from the pineal gland/"the 3rd eye" directly into the brain)
From that point on one is on a "journey" outside time, through the other between-states existence is built up from.
States having far fewer limitations than life in time and space.
This could take you to something better or something worse than what you left,
depending on the choises one made in life.

Or, if you can allow it, it could neutralize away all fear and all hope,
all good and bad consequences of ones own choises,
so you donīt need to deal with existence at all.
..if you donīt actively choose to.


There are six between-states - life is one of them.
Dreams we dream when asleep another one.
States of trance one can reach through sound/music, sex, dance, drugs or, the most balanced, healthiest and least disturbing - meditation - a third.
The three remaining are on the outside of life, to "see the light" is the start of one of these, one called the death-point-between

The death-point-between could be over in what we here in life percieves as a fraction of a second or it could last a couple of days, depending on the level of sensitivity one has reached.
One can return to life from there if the body is sill working and it is from this between all "near-death" experiences come from.

The next between-state is split in two and called the reality between.
The two parts are called
"The mild deity reality between"
..where the most beautiful beings (deitys) for you try to get you to go with them to nirvana or at least into one of the 7 heavens.
Shame inflicted by or on oneself in life can make you feel not good enough for these beings or the heavens - one is blinded and almost frightened by all the beauty and unable to recieve it.

After this one reaches "The fierce deity reality between"
..where the most frightening beings (deitys) for you try to escort you to nirvana or at least away from all the 5 hells.
Fear reaching paniclevels can make you flee from this escort and send you to one of the hells or to the next between, the one where rebirth into life is started.
(the fear accumulated in this between makes it probaple youīll accept any lifeform in life, as long as you escape from this between.)

All religions tell stories from these to betweens but I havenīt heard if they also say that one has more and far stronger senses in it than one have in life.
The tibetans also write that existence has ten dimensions, not only the three we can percieve in life with our five senses.
Physicists also discuss this, especially within stringtheory. Iīm unsure if they count time as a dimension.
this means life is far easier to handle and make things better for oneself in, no matter how painful ones life is, due to fewer senses.

The last betweenstate is called existence and is the process pre conception and physical birth into life
..more about that later..

Nirvana is on the outside of all these betweenstates, but can nevertheless be reached directly from inside life through diciplined meditation.

If you are able to conciously know and shape your dreams while sleeping (from inside the dream between) it is supposedly of great benefit for you and may help you to go straight to nirvana after death. (not needing to be reborn again)

(source; Tibetan book of the dead)


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